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June 5, 2014 (Thu).

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CFP starts: 5th May, 2014.
CFP ends: 5th June, 2014.

"Hou De!"

Welcome to the first edition of the Deccan Ruby Conference to be held in Pune on 19th July, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency.
Write to us at
Temporary Website (New one being worked upon)

"Hou De Majja" (Let there be fun)

Ruby is fun and this is our idea of having fun while organising a conference. A one-day, single-track conference that starts early and ends late! The conference boasts of workshops and talks for both beginners and experts, a lavish party at a local brewery and a potential Futsal tournament among conference attendees! (After all the World Cup finals would have been just a week earlier). For people staying on till Sunday, we plan to organise a trip to Sinhagad (a fort near Pune that has some pristine scenery and a rich history that will leave you speechless). A good easy 1 hour trek for those who want more than just some football.

"Hou De Karcha" (Let there be expense)
Early bird tickets will go at Rs. 1,150
Standard tickets will be at Rs. 1,850.

"Hou De Shikshan" (Let there be education)
Pune being a student city (yes - there are about 150 colleges just inside the City!), in a very unique way, we are allowing Companies to sponsor students while getting access to hiring budding Rubyists. Read more about this in the Sponsorship Prospectus!

"Hou De Tota" (Let there be loss)
Welcome sponsors! More details in the Sponsorship Prospectus but here are the sponsor slabs:
Lai Bhari: Rs. 1,00,001
Bhari: Rs. 40,001
Abhari: Rs. 12,501

Note: Do not miss the 1 Re. "shagun" (good luck).